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    About Bianca Molinari

    Helping clients heal from traumatic experiences, break free from unhealthy patterns, and feel confident with their authentic selves is my life’s work. 

    I can help you through interactive and engaging sessions focused on learning the tools needed to improve your emotional well-being. My approach is person-centered with various incorporated techniques, like solution-focused, strength-based, and cognitive behavior. I aim to develop a personalized treatment plan that focuses on your individual needs and goals. 

    I know what it is like to navigate the fast-paced environment of the modern world with anxiety and a history of trauma while trying to find inner peace, purpose, and a sense of belonging. It is not easy. 

    For the last half-decade, I have been successfully providing mental health support to others who long to find their power from within to be who they want to be. Coming from a South-American, conservative Christian background and growing up in a community that doesn’t often reach out for mental health support, I understand both personally and professionally how our identities shape our world—having pushed on and through intergenerational trauma, traditional expectations of gender roles, parenting difficulties, spiritual trauma, deconstruction of one’s faith, and feeling powerless. If you are ready for that journey, I can help you too. 

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